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Solar Grid-Connected Power Stations

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Solar Grid-Connected Power Stations

 A grid connected PV system is a system which uses solar cells to  convert light into electricity and feeds power into the grid (typically the  public electricity grid ) by a maximum power point tracking (MPPT), grid-controlled  inverter.

 In a grid-connected PV system, PV modules, wired together to form a PV  array, pass DC electricity through an inverter to convert it into AC power. If  the PV system AC power is greater than the owner’s needs, the inverter sends  the surplus to the utility grid for use by others. The utility provides AC  power to the owner at night and during times when the owner’s requirements  exceed the capability of the PV system. Featured with no-battery requirement  and maintenance free, the grid-connected PV power offers consumers both  economic and environmental advantages . That will be the main future energy.

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